Josiah and Boyo

We received a call from Gateway Animal Hospital that two young women came in with two seven week old, boy puppies that looked very sick. The girls had purchased these pups from a craigslist add for twenty dollars each but couldn’t even afford the doctors visit charge, so there was no way they would be able to give them the care they needed and in fact they no longer wanted the boys. We asked Gateway to Parvo test them and the test came back positive.
Parvo is a nasty virus that can live in the environment for a year and can shed off a dog for a month. The treatment for Parvo is not a cure but more of a fluid, nutrient and antibiotic support until is virus runs it’s course. Parvo is a known killer of puppies so we knew our work was cut out for us. We received the estimate for the diagnostic charges plus four days of treatment for each puppy, totaling $1300.00. Of course the treatments lasted longer than the four days.

October 3, 2013 Update:
Currently the pups have been named (black is Boyo, brindle is Josiah) released from the hospital and are in a foster home together. The Parvo seems to be passing, although it will take a little more time to be sure. A few days ago Josiah started coughing and then Boyo started as well. We took Josiah back to the hospital and we are now treating him and Boyo for Kennel Cough. A bit of colored snot is coming out of Josiah’s nose but he his happy, eating, drinking and both their poop is looking more solid. We are all just keeping our fingers and toes crossed that their won’t suffer anymore setbacks.

Josiah and Boyo will be going up for adoption as soon as they are healthy but that doesn’t mean you can’t be pre-approved to adopt one or both. They will be looking for fosters as well, so if you want to foster or even foster to adopt one of these beautiful boys let us know by filling out an application.



As of October 23, 2013 they are around 12 weeks old and weigh 25 pounds
Both males
Pit Mixes
Boyo is black with a white chest
Josiah is a reddish/chocolate brindle