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  1. Help is always needed and appreciated at events. Animal handlers and help with set up and breakdown of tents and crates. Someone to make sure the animals have water at all times and pen clean up.
  2. Transporters-Getting animals to events and to their foster homes from the shelters and the animal hospitals
  3. Do you have a special talent that can be beneficial to animal rescue? Organization Skills, Fundraising, Dog Training, Marketing проблемы разработки государственных программ VOLUNTEER APPLICATION

общество как проблема в истории философской мысли медтехника пермь каталог DONATING ITEMS NEEDED (You can drop them off at one of our events or you can mail them to: кроличья такса описание породы фото AHAR 1413 1/2 West Kenneth Rd. #283, Glendale, Ca., 91201

  1. Dog Beds/Blankets
  2. Crates/Carriers
  3. Pet Food
  4. WeeWee Pads/Kitty Litter
  5. Toys/Leashes/Collars/Shampoo/Advantage (flea product) претензия о расторжении муниципального контракта образец Financial Help  DONATE EASILY