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There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing your life experience with a pet! . . . There are many great reasons to adopt a pet:

Companionship for yourself
Companionship for a child
Companionship for an elderly person
Jogging partner
Assisted healing partner
Knowing the reason why you want a pet can assist you in choosing the correct temperament and breed for you.

Sharing your life with a pet is a long-term commitment. When you adopt, you will be making a commitment to take care of your pet for the rest of it’s life. Are you ready to:

Walk your dog on a daily basis?
Spend quality time with yout pet?
Take care of their health and safety?
Provide training if necessary?
Pet-proof your home?
Provide adequate food?

Are you ready to adopt a pet?

Adoption fees are $300 for dogs under 1 year, $250 for 1-5 yrs , and $100 for 6-8 yrs. Adjustments may be made based on health.